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Mar 12, 2013 8:00pm PDT
yesterday. michelle obama's student loan. ashton kutcher's mortgage. kim kardashian's car payments, the hackers targets: powerful politicians, a=list movie stars and celebrity wannabes. >> trump: i think it's terrible >> george stephanopoulos: a massive hacking scandal >> inside edition host: the most serious celebrity computer hack ever!!! >> reporter: the financial reporting firm equifax confirms that some of its data was accessed illegally. another company, transunion, says its information was breached wheh sophisticated perpetrators posed as account holders. cnn's brian todd explains how it works: >> "experts say perpetrators do that by first getting your social security number or date of birth from another source, then they either call a credit agency or go online posing as you to get all the financial data they can." >> reporter: so now we know paris hilton has lost her mastercard four times. but with the first lady among the victims, along with hillary clinton and vice president joe biden, the secret service is involved. the fbi is investigating because director robert muell
Mar 16, 2013 8:00pm PDT
had their phones:. >> what can we do? >> michele from this internet mobile security smart phone >> you can pinpoint it on a google matchup. and make it have a piercing scream. if the incorrect pass code is entered three times the camera will activate and what text that photograph to you. >> this website is dedicated to the tech world funding across our cellphone security with a personal experience. >> they held a knife to meet and they said to give me your phone >> more likely they will know how to switch the phone off. >> they will turn off the device before this can wait it out and resell it. and then it will send you an e- mail with the location. >> reporter: until california passes that law this problem will continue >> what needs to happen is that is thieves start stealing and cannot resell them there is no market for them. >> reporter: it is a free application from the android or itunes called 'wipeout'.. >> bart and caltrans will be shutting down part of interstate 880 for several hours this weekend. they'll be doing some critical work on the new oakland airport connector kron 4
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2